Livni: We need to respond to any attack from Gaza

IDF fighter jets strike Hamas targets in Gaza; Palestinians say 4 injured; attack comes after girl injured as Kassam falls near Ashkelon.

311_Livni at IDC (photo credit: Channel 10 News)
311_Livni at IDC
(photo credit: Channel 10 News)
There is a need to respond to any kind of attacks from Gaza, Opposition leader MK Tzipi Livni (Kadima) said Tuesday evening, referring to the continuing attacks on the settlements around Gaza.
"The rocket fire today was very close to a kindergarten and it doesn't matter to Israel which one of the terrorist organizations was responsible, it is Hamas who controls Gaza and they need to react,"she said.
10 mortar shells fired at Eshkol regional council from Gaza
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Livni added that "no dialogue should be conducted with Hamas, except with regards to Gilad Schalit."
Livni's comments come after the IDF Spokesman unit on Tuesday confirmed that IAF aircraft attacked terrorist activity targets in the southern Gaza Strip. The attack came as part of an overnight attack in which seven terrorist targets were hit.
Specific targets were hit and all IAF planes returned safely to their base.
The statement said "the IDF will not tolerate any attempt to harm Israeli citizens and IDF soldiers will continue to act with determination and strength against any party who operates terror attacks against Israel. The IDF views the terrorist organization Hamas solely responsible for what is happening in the Gaza Strip and responsible for preserving quiet.
Palestinian sources claimed that the IDF attacked targets in the Gaza Strip belonging to the military wing of Hamas, Izzadin Kassam Brigade and eye witnesses reported that four people were injured during the attacks.
The reports follow an incident in which a Kassam rocket landed near a kindergarten in a kibbutz near Ashkelon on Tuesday morning, injuring a 14-year-old girl. Four more Israelis were treated for shock.
The 'Army of Islam' organization in Gaza claimed responsibility for the Kassam rocket attack.
In their statement, the Army of Islam said the Kassam was in response to the three members of the organization that were killed during an Israeli attack last month.
The IDF spokesperson's office said that the Air Force hit three terror tunnels in the northern Strip and a smuggling tunnel in southern Gaza.
Palestinians claimed the IAF struck several targets in the Gaza strip late Monday or early Tuesday, AFP reported.
Palestinians claimed that three raids targeted the towns of Khan Younis and Beit Lahiya, AFP reported. Two terrorists from the Izzadin Kassam Brigades were reportedly injured in the Khan Younis strike.
Ten mortar shells were fired from the Gaza Strip into the Eshkol regional council Monday.
No injuries were reported and no damage was caused as a result of these attacks.