A kosher (medical) high

Orthodox Union ready to certify medical marijuana products as kosher.

A marijuana leaf (photo credit: REUTERS)
A marijuana leaf
(photo credit: REUTERS)
CHICAGO – The Orthodox Union, one of the largest certifiers of kosher products in the world, has announced that it will provide certification for baked goods containing medical marijuana.
Rabbi Moshe Elefant, who runs the OU’s kashrut division, said that he has held “preliminary discussions” with companies looking to certify medical marijuana products, The Jewish Daily Forward reported earlier this week.
While non-medical use of cannabis is still considered forbidden by many Orthodox rabbis, significant numbers are warming up to its medical uses. Medicinal marijuana is accepted in Israel and various American states are beginning to legalize its use.
The Orthodox Union ““would not have a problem certifying” pot incorporated into edibles for medical use, Elefant told The Forward.
Elefant has been in touch with more than one medical marijuana company from Colorado regarding certification, the New York Post reported Tuesday. It quoted the rabbi as saying that the Coloradans “know there are patients who are Jewish and follow the kosher dietary laws.”
“We found it fascinating actually, and we believe there’s room for this in the world of kosher certification,” he told the paper.