Antisemitic vandalism found on welcome sign at Oregon University's Hillel

The sign outside the Hillel building was found to have "Free Palestine you F***s!" and "F*** you" written in black marker.

Swear words litter the welcome sign at  Oregon University's Hillel (photo credit: THE OREGON HILLEL FOUNDATION / FACEBOOK)
Swear words litter the welcome sign at Oregon University's Hillel
Hillel sign vandalized • By ILANIT CHERNICK The Oregon Hillel Foundation has expressed shock after its welcome sign on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene was vandalized in an antisemitic incident over the weekend.
The sign outside the Hillel building, which says “Welcome” in both English and Hebrew, was found to have “Free Palestine you F***s!” and “F*** you” written in black marker.
In a Facebook post, the organization said: “We apologize for the graphic content, but today [Saturday] we were shocked and saddened to return to our building in Eugene to find one of our welcome signs in our parking lot covered with hate-filled graffiti. We greatly appreciate the immediate support of [university] President [Michael] Schill, the Dean of Students Office and the Office of Equity and Inclusion. All have voiced their concern and support for our community and offered their resources,” it said.
The Oregon Hillel Foundation said it had removed the sign and will work to clean it off. “There is no other damage or graffiti to any other parts of the building.
We have also communicated with Chabad and Akiva on campus to make sure that they are aware, and have offered to help keep an eye on all of our properties throughout the summer.”
Kevin Marbury, University of Oregon’s vice president for student life said, “Jewish student community members, we have been made aware of antisemitic graffiti that recently appeared outside the Oregon Hillel Foundation.
“Antisemitism and other forms of hate have no place at the University of Oregon,” he said. “We condemn this as an unacceptable violation of our university values. The University of Oregon Police Department has taken the initial report and is working with the Eugene Police Department to further investigate. To the extent we are able, we will share additional information as it becomes available.”
Oregon Hillel said that it was very grateful for the quick response and support that the university has shown to its Hillel and Jewish community on campus. The post garnered almost 300 hundred shares with over 400 people reacting on social media. Many expressed outrage.
Kristyn Dodge wrote that “if there’s anything your Christian neighbors can do to be supportive or helpful, please let us know. I’m praying for you.”
Maddy Gourlay said that this makes her so sad. “While not Jewish myself, I have visited Oregon Hillel several times to perform music, and I have always found it to be an incredibly welcoming and loving group of people. So sorry that this happened,” she wrote.