Antisemitic website offers simulation with Jews as cryptocurrency

The website offers two currencies: "JEWS" and "ASH," referring to the ashes of Jews burned to death in the Holocaust.

Cryptocurrency logos (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Cryptocurrency logos
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
An antisemitic website offered a fake simulation in which users trade a valueless cryptocurrency called The HoloCoin, derived from the Holocaust, in which Jews and the ashes of Jews murdered in the Holocaust are the currency.
The domain, which was registered with the website-building platform SquareSpace, had its contract expired in the past week and is no longer accessible. The creator registered privately and they, as well as SquareSpace, did not respond to a request for comment by The Jerusalem Post.
"The HoloCoin (ticker: JEWS) is an ERC-20 Holocaust simulator," the website read. "There are 15.3 million living JEWS at the beginning of The HoloCoin. Of these 15.3 million JEWS, 4,107 burned each day, equivalent to the rate at which Jews were slaughtered in the Holocaust."
The website offers two currencies: "JEWS" and "ASH," referring to the ashes of Jews burned to death in the Holocaust.
"Please, there must be some use for ASH. We will sell our ASH to the highest bid," the website stated.
ERC20 tokens are a form of currency on the Ethereum platform which may be transferred to a cryptowallet.
The site went on to explain that users may collect and trade Jews as a cryptocurrency, with hurdles involving "corrupt SS officers" who "arranged for the safe transport of JEWS out of Nazi Germany."
The game was shared on Reddit, supposedly by the creators, in a post that said, "15,300,000 JEWS were created, the team is airdropping JEWS and [it] is up to you if you wanna save them or let them burn."
That same Reddit user had previously posted about the functionality of cryptocurrency, oftentimes promoting efforts to make transactions on the Ethereum platform completely private. They additionally shared a link to the Discord, or online chat forum, for the antisemitic cryptocoin.
The "HoloCoin" server on Discord is regularly active on the chatting platform. Users regularly post antisemitic commentary, such as one user who wrote, "Maybe [Jews will] make you rich, even though you'd rather watch them burn. Imagine: JEWS making US rich for a change."
Users additionally make comments denying the existence of the Holocaust. One user sent a video in Japanese with subtitles, supposedly fake, stating, "The Holocaust didn't happen, World War II is almost all a lie" and that 6,000,000 Jews could not have been killed because "with 52 ovens they would have had to burn 2,760 Jews a day," which "makes no sense at ALL!"
The founder of the chat and possibly the creator of the coin, who goes by the alias "Smaug Hitler," can be seen regularly telling users that the value of the coin will skyrocket in a few months, claiming that "1050 JEWS" will be worth $105,000 in a few months.
According to Etherscan, which tracks Ethereum transactions, the coin is free and supplies a user with "15,258,930 JEWS." A total of 208 addresses are listed as holders of the coin.
The last transaction listed with the "HoloCoin" was 48 minutes prior to the time of writing. The currency exchange is on the platform ForkDelta.
The banner photo for the antisemitic crypto-game's Twitter page has a Star of David reading "ash" all around it, with shadow in the background of the Pepe the Frog meme.