Ex-US Envoy Elan Carr joins Combat Anti-Semitism Movement Advisory Board

"Antisemitism threatens the future of every decent society and of civilization itself."

Elan Carr in Jerusalem. (photo credit: COURTESY ISRAEL EMBASSY)
Elan Carr in Jerusalem.
Former US Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism, Elan S. Carr has joined the Advisory Board of Combat Anti-Semitism Movement (CAM), the global grassroots movement announced on Thursday. 
Carr was appointed by former president Donald Trump and former secretary of state Mike Pompeo as the country’s senior diplomatic representative on the subject of antisemitism.
The former special envoy is the latest addition the list of advisors who recently joined the movement, among them Senior Advisor to King Mohammed VI of Morocco, André Azoulay, Ambassador of Guatemala to Mexico Mario Bucaro and Danny Danon former ambassador of Israel to the UN, among others.
“It is truly a privilege for me to join CAM’s Advisory Board and be part of this remarkably effective movement. I am working with CAM because I know firsthand that the stakes are very high in our fight against the scourge of Jew-hatred," said Carr.
Adding, "Antisemitism threatens the future of every decent society and of civilization itself. Sadly, we have much to do for this cause. I look forward to working with CAM’s distinguished lay and professional leaders as we fight to make our world a better place.”
Under Trump's administration, Carr spent two years in office as the senior advisor to Secretary Pompeo on antisemitism.
He participated in the negotiations of groundbreaking agreements with foreign governments such as the Abraham Accords between Israel, the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan.
Carr also convened the first-ever US Government-sponsored conference on combating online hate and drove the establishment of important new policies on anti-Zionism, anti-Israel discrimination, and campus antisemitism. 
“It’s very important we call antisemitism by its name,” said Elan Carr at a talk in New York City a year ago, adding that “the remedy for antisemitism isn’t censorship because often it is protected speech. The remedy is condemnation."
“The eggshell walking has to end and we have to fight the inclination to nuance antisemitism,” he stressed.
Carr, during his time as a special envoy, profusely praised the Trump administration’s efforts in fighting hate, saying it is “committed in unprecedented fashion to the fight against antisemitism, the protection of Jewish people around the world and support for the State of Israel. We never had an administration this forceful on this issue…The president is such an extraordinary leader on these important issues.”
Lahav Harkov and Haley Cohen contributed to this report.