Messianic Jewish leader encourages millions of followers to support Jews

Kirt Schneider, host of 'Discovering the Jewish Jesus,' has encouraged millions of followers to display Jewish symbols in an act of solidarity with the Jewish people.

Rabbi Kirt Schneider with his new payos. (photo credit: COURTESY OF DISCOVERING THE JEWISH JESUS)
Rabbi Kirt Schneider with his new payos.
A Messianic Jewish leader has put a call out to his millions of followers to wear Jewish symbols as an act of solidarity with the Jewish people, following a wave of antisemitic attacks across America.
Kirt Schneider – host of Discovering the Jewish Jesus, a television show which attracts 1.6 million views in the US weekly, and is broadcast in 200 nations worldwide – is using his platform to call for people to show support for America's Jewish community in the wake of attacks such as the stabbing in Monsey and shooting in Jersey City.
“Now, more than ever before, we need to rise up and show our solidarity in standing united with the Jewish people in the belief that hatred of any kind will not be tolerated," he said.
"It’s not time to back off, it’s time to be strong and to stand up. I want to encourage all our friends of Discovering the Jewish Jesus to stand with Jewish people all over the world and particularly at this time in the United States of America."
The campaign is being promoted on his organization's Facebook page which has a following of 1.5 million people, and Schneider urged his followers to also use their social media pages to promote the campaign.
"If you have a Jewish star – wear it. If you have a T-shirt with a Star of David on it – wear it," he said. "Share this message with Jewish Icons on your social media; anything that you can do to show your unification and identification with the Jewish people and that you’re not backing off, you’re not being afraid, that you’re standing with them.
“Let’s be bold and courageous and stand with God’s first covenant people because we know that God’s love for the Jewish people and for Israel is irrevocable," he added.
Schneider himself is practicing what he preaches, opting to look outwardly Jewish as a show of unity.
"I am personally continuing to wear my kippah every day. In fact, I’ve even gone the extra mile and I’ve grown peyos, and I am not backing off. I’m standing in my call in the earth as a Jew,” added Schneider.
Messianic Judaism is highly controversial due to their belief in Jesus as the messiah.