Simon Wiesenthal Center slams Ice Cube’s antisemitic tweets

Ice Cube, a rapper, released a series of tweets that allude to powerful cabals that control the world.

Rapper Ice Cube (photo credit: AFP PHOTO)
Rapper Ice Cube
(photo credit: AFP PHOTO)
The Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) condemned O’Shea Jackson, better known as the rapper Ice Cube, on Thursday for his antisemitic tweets. 
Ice Cube, who has 5.3 million Twitter followers, tweeted a black “satanic Star of David” and part of a mural depicting human figures being used as a table for a game of monopoly. 
The original 2012 mural titled Freedom for Humanity was created by Kalen Ockerman, better known as Mear One, and depicts Lord Rothschild and Paul Warburg sitting with other well-known people, such as English occultist Aleister Crowley, as they profit from the misery of other humans. The artist claimed his work stands for oppressed people, but many slammed it for focusing on Jewish figures. 
Ice Cube tweeted the image with the text “F*** the new normal until they fix the old normal!” The JC reported. 
The “satanic Star of David” claims the Jewish symbol conceals a black cube which can be found in cities across the world, according to The Jewish Journal.

Ice Cube also tweeted ancient Egyptian wall art depicting workers with the caption that “clearly” the Hebrew slaves in Egypt were “black people."
Rabbi Abraham Cooper, who is the Director of Ed Snider Social Action Institute of the Simon SWC, said that years ago he met Ice Cube and at the time he felt “a page had been turned." However, the flood of disturbing tweets “are deeply troubling," especially at a time of riots taking place across America, he said. 
Cooper pointed out the SWC supports ending anti-black racism, “but spewing hate against another minority…is unconscionable.”