US State Department cuts ties with IRW due to antisemitism allegations

Israel has designated IRW as a supporter of terrorist organizations.

Islamic Relief Worldwide (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Islamic Relief Worldwide
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
The US State Department has officially cut all ties with the controversial charity organization Islamic Relief Worldwide due to allegations of spreading antisemitism, the State Department's Office of Foreign Assistance director told the Washington Free Beacon.
The organization has long been accused by watchdog organizations  across the world for propagating antisemitism and for such beliefs being rife among the leadership. In fact, Israel has long-since designated IRW as a supporter of terrorist organizations.
However, IRW has been an official State Department partner since Barack Obama's administration, and this continued under President Donald Trump. But recent mounting criticism for its antisemitism has drawn increased scrutiny. In late December, the Office of the Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism officially condemned the organization, writing in a statement that "The consistent pattern of spreading the most vile antisemitic vitriol by IRW’s leadership causes us to question the core values of the organization."
The most notable consequence of no longer being a State Department partner is that IRW can no longer benefit from the legitimacy and name-value. According to Sam Westrop, a Middle East researcher and the director of the NGO Islamist Watch, this could wind up costing IRW millions of dollars.
But the decision also comes at the very end of the Trump administration, with President-elect Joe Biden set to be inaugurated on Wednesday.
Indeed, it is possible that the Biden administration could simply restore ties with the organization. However, it is unclear what his administration's State Department, which is set to be headed by Anthony Blinken, will decide to do.