First permanent Chabad house opens in Kyoto, Japan

Rabbi Dovid Posner, 25, is originally from southern California. His wife, Chaya Mushka, grew up in Caracas, Venezuela.

kyoto temple 248 (photo credit: )
kyoto temple 248
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 A young Jewish couple just set up the first permanent Chabad House in Kyoto, Japan.
Rabbi Dovid and Chaya Mushka Posner, and their infant son Menachem Mendel, founded the home in a city with 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites that were largely spared bombardment during World War II, world-class universities, and the headquarters of Nintendo and many other tech companies, reported Kyoto attracts many Jewish visitors from Israel, the United States, Europe and elsewhere.
Rabbi Posner, 25, is originally from southern California. His wife grew up in Caracas, Venezuela. Both Posners come from lines of emissaries. explained the following: Chaya Mushka Posner’s parents are longtime emissaries in Venezuela. Rabbi Posner is a fourth-generation emissary. His great-grandparents, Rabbi Sholom and Chaya Posner, built much of the infrastructure for Jewish life in Pittsburgh. His one set of grandparents, Rabbi Zalman I. and Risya Posner, served as lifelong emissaries to Nashville, Tenn., and the other set, Rabbi Shmuel and Hindy Lew, have been stationed in London since 1964. His parents, Shimon and Y. Chaya Posner, co-direct a Chabad center in Rancho Mirage, Calif.
The couple landed just before Purim and does not know Japanese. They are using several apps 
to try to learn the language. One of the biggest challenges in Kyoto is obtaining kosher meat. They had to bring their own kosher slaughterer into the city.
They put on a Purim feast last month.
This month, they will host a Passover Seder.