Jack the Ripper was a Jew, British paper claims

'Mail on Sunday' reports that Aaron Kosminski, a 23-year-old Polish-Jewish immigrant was behind the murder of five women in London in 1888.

Whitehall mystery of October 1888. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Whitehall mystery of October 1888.
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Jack the Ripper was a mentally unstable Polish-Jewish immigrant, the Mail on Sunday has revealed, citing the work of an amateur sleuth who claims to have cracked the 126-year-old case through the help of DNA evidence.
Aaron Kosminski, a 23-year-old Jew who had fled from Poland to London with his family, escaping pogroms in Russia in the early 1880s, has long been a suspect in the gruesome murder of five women in the Whitechapel district of the English capital.
The key piece of evidence was a shawl found on the body of victim Catherine Eddowes which was found to contain blood from the victim and semen from Kosminski. The discovery was made through DNA testing of descendants of both Eddowes and Kosminski.
Russell Edwards, a British businessman, bought the shawl at an auction and enlisted the help of forensic scientist Dr. Jari Louhelainen.
Using cutting edge forensic techniques, Louhelain was able to determine with more than 99 percent certainty that stains found on the shawl matched the DNA of Eddowes and Kosminski.
Edwards explained in the Mail: "Kosminski has always been one of the three most credible suspects. He is often described as having been a hairdresser in Whitechapel, the occupation written on his admission papers to the workhouse in 1890. What is certain is he was seriously mentally ill, probably a paranoid schizophrenic who suffered auditory hallucinations and described as a misogynist prone to ‘self-abuse’ – a euphemism for masturbation...police did not have enough evidence to convict Kosminski, despite identification by a witness, but kept him under 24-hour surveillance until he was committed to mental asylums for the rest of his life. I became convinced Kosminski was our man, and I was excited at the prospect of proving it. I felt sure that modern science would be able to produce real evidence from the stains on the shawl. After a few false starts, I found a scientist I hoped could help."
"Now that it’s over, I’m excited and proud of what we’ve achieved, and satisfied that we have established, as far as we possibly can, that Aaron Kosminski is the culprit," Louhelain wrote in the Mail.