Jewish couple has child in Uber while en route to hospital

The miracle of life doesn't wait for the perfect timing: the fourth child of a California couple was born in the backseat of an Uber en route to the hospital.

Uber (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
A Jewish couple in California were lighting candles on Friday night when they realized they needed to get to the hospital to have their fourth child.
So Niv and Erica Davidovich summoned an Uber to deliver them to the emergency room in Los Angeles.
Niv told ABC News that he and his wife don't drive on Shabbat, and that he also wanted to be able to comfort her in the back seat. So they went with Uber, and got 23-year-old driver Raymond Telles.
Telles had barely been driving for two minutes, he told Fox 11 Los Angeles, when he realized what was happening.
"We get a couple of blocks down, and that's when she started feeling pain and she started screaming on the top of her lungs and saying 'Call 911,'" he said. "It was a simple Uber drive and then it turned into a paramedic driver emergency thing and your heart is pumping."
Telles pulled over in front of a grocery store, and helped deliver the baby safe and sound. The Los Angeles Fire Department arrived on the scene after the baby had already been delivered. It confirmed via Facebook that "the driver of a rideshare vehicle was primary assist for the successful delivery of a newborn in the vehicle."
Mom and baby were transported to the hospital to get checked out.
Baby boy Davidovich, who won't be named until his brit mila, joins sisters Chana, Rivka and Elisheva. While Niv joked to ABC News that everyone has been telling him to name the baby Uber, he said they'd have to go in another - likely more biblical - direction.