Keren Hayesod celebrates 100 years by launching a crowdfunding campaign

If the campaign reaches its goal of a million euros, it will be doubled by donors.

Sam Grundwerg, Keren Hayesod’s World Chairman (photo credit: AVI HAYOUN)
Sam Grundwerg, Keren Hayesod’s World Chairman
(photo credit: AVI HAYOUN)
Keren Hayesod, the worldwide fundraising organization for Israel, is celebrating the centenary of its founding by launching a large-scale, 48-hour crowdfunding campaign throughout Europe starting on Sunday, September 13.
Opening the celebrations will be a virtual ceremony broadcasted online at 8 p.m. Israel Time, hosted by the world-famous Israeli actress Moran Atias, with President Reuven Rivlin in attendance.
The two-day fundraiser aims at supporting important social projects to help and assist Israeli society during this particularly difficult time of economic crisis.
The campaign will raise donations from Jewish and non-Jewish communities across Europe – and if the campaign reaches its one million euro goal, it will be doubled by donors.
The campaign will target projects for different audiences, from the elderly and Holocaust survivors, to children and youth at risk, to immigrants and to lone soldiers.
The fundraiser for every European-based Keren Hayesod has chosen the donation purpose for its community.
For example:
• Italy decided to focus on supporting lone soldiers and assistance for young mothers at risk, and elderly people.
• Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium will donate to the "Amigur project" – activities to assist the elderly and Holocaust survivors.
• France will donate to an at-risk youth village.
• Switzerland will donate to assist new immigrants to Israel.
• Sweden will help children at risk and the elderly.
World chairman of Keren Hayesod, Sam Grundwerg said: "Keren Hayesod is a national institution that works to address national needs. This organization is able to adapt itself to meet the demands of our constantly changing reality. Even now in the midsts of a global crisis, we are changing methods and platforms in order to continue providing assistance for those in need".
Keren Hayesod, one of the Jewish state’s national institutions, is the official fundraising organization for Israel around the world, outside of the US.
In 2019, it had a total budget of $205.9 million, of which $182.4 m. went to programs and projects, including for aliyah and absorption, strengthening Israeli society and programs for Jewish youth in the Diaspora.
Traditionally, Keren Hayesod has raised funds among Jewish communities in Western Europe, South Africa and Australia, as well as from Jewish philanthropists in Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union, having campaigns in 45 countries.
Keren Hayesod Israel will donate to assist 3000 in-need Youth Futures families in Israel.
Donations to the campaign can be made by visiting: