NY legislature celebrates Israeli Independence with Ambassador Dani Dayan

Dayan expressed appreciation for New Yorkers’ support.

 Kaminsky, Rozic, and Lavine host Israeli Ambassador Dani Dayan (photo credit: THE OFFICE OF NILY ROZIC)
Kaminsky, Rozic, and Lavine host Israeli Ambassador Dani Dayan
(photo credit: THE OFFICE OF NILY ROZIC)
The NY State Senate and Assembly passed resolutions honoring 69 years of Israeli independence Tuesday, presenting them to Consul-General Dani Dayan, who attended the proceedings in Albany.

The resolution states that it is “congratulating the State of Israel upon the occasion of the 69th anniversary of its independence and reaffirming the bonds of friendship and cooperation between the State of New York and Israel.”
On a day when UNESCO voted to deny the Jewish People’s connection to Jerusalem, the NY State resolutions mentioned that the State of Israel was established “in fulfillment of the eternal desire of the Jewish people to return to the land of the historic Kingdom of Israel established 3,000 years ago and to the holy city of Jerusalem.”

Israeli-born Assemblywoman Nily Rozic, a Democrat who represents part of Queens, along with Assemblyman Charles Lavine, a Democrat from Long Island, and State Senator Todd Kaminsky, also a Democrat from Long Island, sponsored the resolutions and hosted an Israeli Independence Day event.
“As the first Israeli member elected to the State Legislature, it is an honor to welcome Ambassador Dayan to Albany and celebrate Israel’s 69 years of statehood,” Rozic said. “This occasion not only commemorates Israel’s Independence Day, but also serves as a reminder of the strength that lies in the shared values between the people of Israel and New York.”
Kaminsky called Israel a “stronghold of democracy in the face of constant terror,” and Lavine said Israel is a strategic ally, paying tribute to “the extraordinary relationship between Israel and New York State.”
Dayan expressed appreciation for the resolution, and said that New Yorkers’ support gives him and Israel “encouragement and inspiration.”