Tennessee teen girl dies after pack of dogs attacks her

The dogs escaped and mauled the young woman, tossing her body to the air.

German Shepherd undergoing military training  (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
German Shepherd undergoing military training
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Tennessee teen Adrieanna O’shea, 19, died a week after being attacked by a pack of dogs in South Knox, the New York Post reported on September 3. 
The attack took place on August 23 when she was visiting a friend to retrieve a lost purse. She was reportedly screaming for help as the dogs attacked her. The dogs tossed her in the air and dragged her to a wooden area. 
Local police were called and shot one of the dogs. She was found unconscious and covered in bite marks. 
The remaining four dogs were taken to animal shelters.
The dogs that attacked O'shea were a mastiff, a Rottweiler-lab, a pit bull and two mastiff-lab mixes, all of which are large breeds that can be used as attack dogs if properly trained. 
O'shea died in the hospital on August 31. The owners euthanized the dogs. 
While dogs are almost universally loved as "man’s best friend" and can be trained to serve humanity as rescue dogs and guide dogs, they also attack and kill people.
In February, 66-year-old Texan Elaine Richman was killed by her own dogs, both Dobermans. Richman was a professional dog trainer.
Another Texan, 33-year-old Johana Villafane, was killed by her own pit bulls outside a veterinarian hospital.