Barak: Unstable gov't structure limits chance of peace

During interview with Channel 10, defense minister warns that a new way must be found to move peace talks forward and avoid being isolated.

Barak with soldier in background 311 (photo credit: Linui Alihi, Defense Ministry)
Barak with soldier in background 311
(photo credit: Linui Alihi, Defense Ministry)
Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Thursday said that the possibility of progress in peace negotiations will be difficult because of the political situation in the government.
"We must find a way to progress and avoid being being isolated. I am not sure that this government can move forward", he said during an interview with Channel 10.
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Barak said that the government structure is not suitable for progress in the negotiations: "Until now I could not change the situation from within. I see this as the reason to stay in government."
Barak said that Israel must consider how to move negotiations with the Palestinians forward.
"I have not significantly changed my position on how the final arrangement will look, there is not much difference between the proposal at Camp David and today," the defense minister said.
According to Barak, Israel has a lot to lose from continuing to be passive.
Barak also discussed the possibility of negotiations with Syria and said that if the leadership will be suitable for negotiations and the difficult decisions related to it, there will be a chance for peace.
"I have not seen any negotiations taking place in front of the cameras that have been successful. It has now been 20 years since the Madrid Conference. I think after all that takes place, it is important to include all countries in the region to achieve a more comprehensive regional understanding, "he said.