Guards thwart 'price tag' attack at Knesset

Suspect wanted for involvement in previous attacks prevented from entering Knesset; 2 Arab cars burned in J'lem.

Price tag offenders 311 (photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)
Price tag offenders 311
(photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)
After more than a week of quiet from right-wing attacks, Jerusalem experienced one price tag attack against Arab property and an attempted attack against the Knesset on Wednesday. Two cars were burned in the Arab neighborhood of Sharafat, a small neighborhood located north of Gilo near Beit Safafa. Next to the burned vehicles, police found graffiti with the words “price tag” and “revenge.” Police opened an investigation into the incident.
On Wednesday afternoon, Knesset Guards thwarted an attempted “price tag” attack on the Knesset.
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Police had briefed the Knesset Guards about the suspect, who had a warrant out for his arrest for his involvement in previous “price tag” attacks. The suspect requested to enter the Knesset, but security forces detained the man and he was transferred to police custody.
Meanwhile, three right-wing activists arrested last month in Jerusalem on suspicion of illegally carrying out surveillance on security forces in the West Bank will be charged in the coming days, police said.
The men are suspected of observing the army’s movements and preparation for dismantling settlement outposts and then passing on that classified information in order to disrupt the evacuations.
On Wednesday, the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court extended the custody of three of the right-wing suspects who police said were involved in the vandalism raid on the Ephraim military base in the West Bank last month. They will be held in detention until Sunday.
On December 13, 30-50 right-wing rioters broke into the Ephraim Brigade military base and threw stones, slashed tires, and otherwise tried to disrupt soldiers' operations. A series of text messages had alerted the activists to troop activity similar to preparations for outpost dismantlement.