Herzog, Fayyad meet, warn of PA collapse

PA prime minister says Israel's withholding of tax revenues has PA on brink; Labor MK Herzog: PA collapse catastrophic for Israel.

Herzog and Fayyad meet in Ramallah 370 (photo credit: Eyal Shviki)
Herzog and Fayyad meet in Ramallah 370
(photo credit: Eyal Shviki)
If the Palestinian Authority collapses it would be “catastrophic” for Israel, Labor MK Isaac Herzog said in a meeting with PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad on Sunday night.
“That would mean the IDF would once again take responsibility for cities in the West Bank,” Herzog, the first Israeli politician to visit Ramallah after the January 22 election, said.
“It should keep leaders awake at night,” he said.
According to Herzog, Fayyad and PA President Mahmoud Abbas are Israel’s only partners in the peace process, and Israel must make the maximum effort to negotiate with them and reach a solution.
“Although it seems far away, it’s possible, and the next prime minister is responsible for making this effort,” he said.
Herzog’s comments came after Fayyad expressed concern that the PA is falling apart because the Israeli government delayed transferring tax money and funds from donor countries.
The PA prime minister said the situation, in which he waits each month for the Israeli government to decide whether to transfer funds or not, makes running a government impossible.
“We are in danger of collapse if you in Israel do not get it together and understand that you cannot leave us hanging month after month,” Fayyad said.
Herzog also gave Fayyad an overview of Israeli politics following the election.