Labor MKs set to challenge Yacimovich for party leadership

Isaac Herzog is expected to announce his bid to run against incumbent Labor leader; Cabel, Margalit silent on endorsements.

Shelly Yachimovich and Isaac Herzog watch election ads 370 (photo credit: Shai Skiff)
Shelly Yachimovich and Isaac Herzog watch election ads 370
(photo credit: Shai Skiff)
Labor MK Isaac Herzog called a press conference for Monday morning in which he is expected to announce that he will challenge opposition leader Shelly Yacimovich for the leadership of the party.
MKs Eitan Cabel and Erel Margalit declined to comment on Sunday about whether they will endorse Herzog or run themselves. But Labor sources said they were not commenting in order to maintain suspense ahead of Herzog’s press conference, which they are expected to attend.
“We would be happy if they come, but we do not expect it,” a source close to Herzog said.
The three MKs were expected to meet late on Sunday to finalize their plans. Histadrut labor federation chief Ofer Eini has also been involved in efforts to ensure that only one candidate will challenge Yacimovich.
Yacimovich formally submitted her candidacy for the November 21 primary on Sunday evening. The deadline for other candidates to join is Monday evening. Sixty thousand Labor members who joined the party by May 21 have the right to vote in the race.
“I am proud to run for the leadership of what is nearly the only democratic party that is left in Israel that has elections for its head,” Yacimovich said upon submitting the forms necessary to run. “I intend to make history by winning for the second time in a row.”