'Price-tag' attack threatens 'death to Arabs'

IDF identifies hate graffiti on water pipe in West Bank village of Wadi Dura; vandals also write 'God will fight you.'

price tag, Yitzhar, Bani Naeem_311 (photo credit: Betzalel)
price tag, Yitzhar, Bani Naeem_311
(photo credit: Betzalel)
The IDF identified Saturday vandalism containing racial slurs against Arabs in the West Bank Palestinian village Wadi Dura near the Beit El settlement.
The perpetrators wrote "death to Arabs" and "God will fight you" in Hebrew on an exterior water pipe in the town.
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In addition the IDF said it retrieved a "toy gun" and "several rounds" nearby.
The IDF passed the case on to police investigators.
The attack is the latest in the "price-tag" graffiti phenomenon. Vandals regularly target Arab property in the West Bank, including marking mosques and torching vehicles belonging to Palestinians.
There have been incidents, however, where vandals also attacked Israeli organizations, including death threats against NGO Peace Now employees and the IDF. Earlier this month, a gang of youths stormed an IDF base in the West Bank damaging property and calling officers stationed there Nazis.
UAL-Ta’al MKs Ahmed Tibi and Ibrahim Sarsour proposed a "Price-Tag Bill" this week that would double the current sentence for vandalizing places of worship or burial.
In addition, Tibi and Sarsour proposed to increase the penalty for incitement, which includes spoken or written defamation of a religion, to two years.
Lahav Harkov contributed to this report