Geneticists to explore the 'Peres Gene'

Scientists at Katzrin GGA ask Peres if he would allow them to study his DNA in order to discover the secret to his longevity.

Peres on the tourist trail_370 (photo credit: Joseph Avi Yair Angel)
Peres on the tourist trail_370
(photo credit: Joseph Avi Yair Angel)
Is President Shimon Peres the eighth wonder of the world?
Does he have a special gene that enables him to work at a pace that would tire out men half his age?
That is the question that the Galilee Genetics Analysis Laboratories is looking to answer.
When Peres visited GGA, in Katzrin, in the course of a tour of the Golan Heights on Monday, he was pleasantly surprised when his hosts suggested they conduct a DNA test on him to learn if there really is such thing as a ‘Shimon Peres gene’ and to study its properties.
Peres unhesitatingly agreed, and smilingly told analysts “The risk is all yours.”
GGA wants to study the president’s genome to learn exactly what makes him tick. The company’s findings may one day be used to create a prototype for genetic engineering to increase longevity, promote good health and guarantee the sound functioning of the brain.
Even his political opponents marvel at the president’s mental and physical stamina as he traipses around the world and across the country, delivering speeches and off-the-cuff remarks, holding media conferences, keeping up with Facebook and Google, delving into brain research, keeping up with local and world news – all this and more a few months shy of his 88th birthday.