SPCA: Horses, donkeys urgently need homes

Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has 16 horses, 7 donkeys in need of permanent homes.

Horse drinking from water  (photo credit: Charles P)
Horse drinking from water
(photo credit: Charles P)
The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel-Tel Aviv-Jaffa has 16 horses and seven donkeys sorely in need of permanent homes, as the rescued animals’ shelter stables are in poor condition and require immediate repair, the organization told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.
“We have to find a place for them,” SPCA spokesman Gadi Vitner said.
In the past five years, the organization has rescued more than 300 horses and donkeys, typically from cart horse duty in Jaffa, Ramle and Lod. About half of those have been adopted and saved from euthanization, according to Vitner.
Rescue is easier in Jaffa, as using cart horses is illegal there. Police cooperation is vital, he said. The SPCA, along with other animal rights organizations, is pushing for the implementation of a similar law all around the country, but has not yet succeeded.
For now, SPCA must upgrade its Tel Aviv stables so that rescued horses and donkeys have a comfortable recuperation environment, Vitner said. All adopted horses and donkeys will still be property of the SPCA and given medical treatments under its umbrella, but will live at the new “owner’s” home, where they can be ridden gently.
“Those horses must find a place so we can bring people to fix the stables,” Vitner said.
The SPCA can be contacted at (03) 513-6500 or www.spcaisrael.org.