Special keyboard allows toddlers to use computer

Instead of placing young children in front of TV, an Israeli company decides to give them tools to play games that help their development.

Baby with keyboard 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Baby with keyboard 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Alexandra Man writes for No Camels.
Don’t want to hear from your kids for an hour or two? Many parents will place their in front of the TV, just to be overcome with parental guilt afterwards. That is exactly why Danny Van Buren and his wife Rachel created Jumboard, a four-buttoned keyboard that “sits” on your existing laptop keyboard and allows toddlers to play games that helps their development while keeping them entertained.
As toddlers don’t yet possess the abilities needed to use a keyboard and mouse, the Jumboard keyboard comes with software that makes the computer interface more baby-friendly. Jumboard aims to simplify the use of computers for babies, toddlers, but also people with accessibility challenges.
“Jumboard is designed to fit various levels for toddlers between the ages of 1 to 4. The games will include learning and fun experience, such as puzzles, memory games, peek-a-boo games etc” Van Buren told NoCamels. Since the Jumboard keyboard sits on top of the laptop keyboard, or in front of the screen of your PC, the baby operates Van Buren says babies maneuver the jumbo keys very intuitively.
The software is based on open-source code and enables babies to log onto the Jumboard website. The site contains many different games that develop cognitive and technological skills in an educational environment over the Internet.
“Jumboard interacts with the computer via USB directly on the website, with no installation required. The keyboard can also be used on your standard keyboard without USB at all (part of our patent pending invention)” adds Van Buren. The Israeli company focuses on the toddler audience, but will develop a version for grownups with disabilities in the future.
The keyboard is not yet for sale, but will soon be available in toy stores and on Jumboard’s website. The keyboard will be sold with a basic package of games with more games to be available for purchase online.
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