Technion, Cornell to open NYC Tech Campus

In a completely 50-50 partnership, the presidents of the two schools intend to open a full-scale campus in 2012.

Technion University (photo credit: Courtesy)
Technion University
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The Technion and Cornell University will be partnering to establish a new applied science and engineering campus for graduate students on Roosevelt Island in New York City, the two universities announced Sunday.
In a completely 50-50 partnership, the presidents of the two schools intend to open a full-scale campus in 2012, initially in either leased space or existing Cornell city facilities, but eventually encompassing more than 2 million square feet (186 dunams) of the island off the shore of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, according to a statement from the universities.
The NYC Tech Campus, which has been approved by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and will comprise about 31 percent of Roosevelt Island, will be home to nearly 2,000 graduate students and 250 faculty members and additional researchers in various technical fields.
“By joining forces in this groundbreaking venture, our two great universities will employ our demonstrated expertise, experience and track record of transforming new ideas into solutions to create the global avenues of economic opportunity and tech leadership that Mayor Bloomberg envisions,” Cornell President David Skorton said in a statement.
“The Technion is the driving force behind the miracle of Israel’s technology economy. Its academic rigor in computer science and engineering and its leadership in technology transfer has helped create one of the largest concentrations of start-ups anywhere and attracted the world’s leading technology companies to Haifa to leverage Technion’s research and its outstanding graduates.”
At first, students will be able to receive Cornell degrees in fields such as computer science, electrical and computer engineering and information science, but once the Technion obtains proper New York State accreditation, they will be able to acquire dual-degrees from both universities, according to the agreement. Encouraging students not only to gain expertise in the technical aspects of their degrees but also in the implementation of such knowledge, the program will require participants to also take courses in entrepreneurship and investment, the universities said.
“We are very proud of the many strengths we bring to this endeavor, and we are excited to be a partner with another of the world’s great research universities,” Technion President Peretz Lavie added in the statement.
“Cornell‘s globally recognized research and graduates are fueling new technologies and innovative start-ups at the center of New York City’s current tech boom. Cornell is uniquely positioned by its deep connection to the city’s emerging tech sector to serve as a catalyst for the creation of new technologies, jobs and industries in New York City.”