Tourism Ministry will provide grants to new camping sites

Due to the increasing popularity of camping, the Tourism Ministry to publish directive offering grants to entrepreneurs interested in establishing campsites.

The Kinneret Swim 521 (photo credit: Paul Alster)
The Kinneret Swim 521
(photo credit: Paul Alster)
The dramatic increase in Israeli campsite vacationers during the Passover holiday has prompted a Tourism Ministry campaign to spur the growth of more such facilities.
Due to the increasing popularity of camping around the country, the Tourism Ministry is soon to publish a directive offering a provision of grants to entrepreneurs interested in establishing campsites.
These grants will ensure separate camping facilities for families and young people, as well as offer advance registration for camping spots online, the ministry said. The decision follows the week of Passover where many campgrounds around the country reported full occupancy levels, particularly in the Lake Kinneret area, according to the ministry.
Indeed, at the conclusion of the holiday, Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund reported a marked increase in the number of visitors making use of overnight camp spots in comparison to recent years.
“We are not surprised by the demand for camping, which has become a hot trend not only in Israel but also around the world,” said Tourism Ministry director-general Amir Halevy. “Today’s tourist sleeps in luxury hotels and enjoys a few nights camping in nature.
Israel is a classic camping location, with excellent weather, and therefore establishing camping areas with upgraded infrastructure and clean bathrooms and shower facilities is top priority in the Tourism Ministry’s work plan as part of its activities to reduce the cost of vacationing in Israel.”
In addition to promoting campsites with up-to-date infrastructure, the ministry emphasized the importance of offering facilities that provide separation between young people and families with children, in order to maintain acceptable noise levels and to avoid the current situation where all-night parties disturb the families.
“By adding new and more varied accommodation options, we will reduce the pressure on hotels where prices are high due to a shortfall of hotel rooms to meet demand, especially at holiday times,” said Tourism Minister Uzi Landau.
“At the same time, we are working to limit unnecessary regulations in order to encourage hotel construction, add more rooms to the existing supply, increase competition and thereby reduce prices.”