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TRY ONE YOURSELF>>> Age: 46 Residence: Brazil Married? With children? Divorced, no children Occupation: Translator Education: Alumni Association Translation Certificate Pets: Spike-O, black cocker-spaniel Religious affiliation / observance: Baptist/Believer in Jesus Christ Last person / party I voted for: I vote in Brazil - voted for Jose Serra Next person / party I will vote for: We'll see My history (100 words max): Born and raised in Brazil, but with North American background and education. Outdoors kind of person, hardworking... had a lot of challenges to overcome in life, specially a broken-up marriage and the loss of two children. But upon my conversion have found true comfort realizing this is the land of my pilgrimage and the Lord Himself will wipe away my tears when I get home Family history (100 words max): My parents one very American (deceased father) and one very Brazilian (mother) taught me true values. One older brother. Have one nephew and one niece My connection with Israel: Upon entering a synagogue when I was a child, I asked my mother why those people were wearing those little round hats. She said, "To remind them there is someone more important above them." Nowhere else had I seen such consciousness and respect for God. I was in awe. That is how my relationship with Israel and the Jewish people began What I would take with me to a deserted island: My Bible, my church, my family, my friends, Spike-O, the birds that sing in and embellish my garden, my pictures taken in Israel, and an abundant supply of Sunblock!!! If I could have dinner with any person in the world it would be: A good friend Which feminine/masculine trait would I like to have: Patience What angers you: Lies and injustice, particularly the kind I see in the Brazilian media about Israel What makes you happy: So many things, but the thought of Jerusalem fills my heart with a special kind of joy, mixed with comfort and hope Last book I read was: 'Christianity is Jewish' by Edith Schaeffer Comfort food: Used to be popcorn, now it's laranja lima (a local kind of sweet orange) My life five years from now: Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth. Prov. 27:1 Happiness: 1-10 (10 being the happiest) 7 Click here to leave a message for Mary TRY ONE YOURSELF>>> Meet all 'About Me' participants