Freed Benizri releases prison mix-tape

‘White Collar, Black Hat’ and ‘Gay Earthquake’ among the standout tracks on former minister’s urban hit.

SHLOMO BENIZRI is dope 390 (photo credit: Courtesy Matisyhahu Prison)
SHLOMO BENIZRI is dope 390
(photo credit: Courtesy Matisyhahu Prison)
Former cabinet minister and MK Shlomo "Benzo" Benizri's new mixtape dropped this week, only days before he was released after serving two and a half years of a four-year bribery and conspiracy bid.
In a statement posted on the official Shas party Twitter feed last week, Benizri (AKA "Big Baby Benizri") thanked his fans for standing by him, and promised to come back bigger than ever. "My campaign will continue!!! Stronger, smarter, bigger and better than ever. For those that doubt that…See me when they free me. Aint no bird like a free bird!"
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Benizri was freed this week as part of a mass release of 600 prisoners due to prison overcrowding.
"The one thing you got in the pen is time, nothing but time. So everybody got they own hustle, me,  I always tried to focus on my music," Benizri said last week during a phone call to the Jerusalem Roast from Maasiyahu Prison's religious inmates wing.
"I also flip coffee from the commissary, you buy in bulk and then you sell em in these little nickel bags you make with toilet paper. That's the lick in here," Benizri added.
The life and times of Shlomo Benizri vol. 1 shows a raw, stripped-down street sensibility from the former housing minister. Standout tracks include "White collar, black hat", "Gay earthquake," "Paid in full (house renovations)," and "Fear of a black (hat) planet."
The tracks cover some of Benizri's favorite themes, including that gays cause earthquakes and the importance of trading information about permits for foreign workers in exchange for bribes and house renovations.
"Other people talk game, they talk bribery, breach of trust, but with Benzo, you know he's lived it," said Haim Azoulay of Beersheba, selling bootleg copies of the mix-tape out of the trunk of a Subaru in the parking lot of a "Shipudei Avazi" branch in the city's "daled" neighborhood yesterday.
"You need dress shoes? What about a tallis bag, fix you up with a tallis bag? What about lulavs, you need lulavs?" Azoulay added.
Also, Former finance minister Avraham Hirschson, serving a 65-month sentence for embezzlement, announced during a 48-hour furlough this month that he is currently working on a future campaign for leadership of the Kadima party.