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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prepares to give a speech in Tel Aviv, Israel
5 times Israeli politicians said ‘there’s nothing to it’ and ended in jail

Israelis have long complained that drawn-out investigations, often leaked to the media, have undercut politicians and their right to due process.

Harvey Weinstein as a case study on the fate of victims

The story of the Hollywood executive's years of alleged sexual misconduct reflects a social tendency to play the 'blame game' and denounce victims of abuse who muster the courage to speak up.

Chemi Peres (left) presents a copy of his father’s autobiography to Henry Kissinger.
Grapevine: Culture of corruption

Shimon Peres was the initiator of Israel’s defense industries when it was difficult for the nascent state to obtain military equipment from abroad.

Moshe Katsav leaves the Supreme Court
Rivlin rejects Katsav’s appeal to annul Parole Board limitations

Katsav recently appealed to Rivlin to lift the limitations that had been placed upon him.

Former president of Israel Moshe Katsav
Katsav will not enjoy presidential perks after his release from jail

The former president, who was jailed for five years and indicted for rape, will not enjoy the same benefits past presidents did.

Moshe Katsav
Former Israeli President Moshe Katsav released from prison

Prosecution declines appeal of parole board decision.

Former president of Israel Moshe Katsav
Kiryat Malachi awaits its disgraced president with open arms

On virtually every block of the city of 22,000, it’s common to find someone with a direct connection and strong affinity for Katsav.

FORMER PRESIDENT Moshe Katsav waves to the press as he enters Tel Aviv District Court on December 30
Was former president’s early release a case of preferential treatment?

After around 10 years of denying all allegations, Katsav had expressed regret to the parole board behind closed doors.

Former president of Israel Moshe Katsav
Former president Katsav faces Prisons Service exit process if released

Katsav, who was convicted and sentenced to 7 years in prison for rape, is waiting to see if the state prosecution will appeal his parole.

Former president of Israel Moshe Katsav
Women’s groups, MKs blast Katsav's early release

“Katsav used his political power to rape and now he used that same political power to win his early release.”

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