Live blog: Schalit returns to Israel

View all the updates, tweets, photos and reports as Gilad Schalit returns home and Israel releases 477 Palestinian prisoners.

Flag awaiting schalit 311 (photo credit: REUTERS/Eric Gaillard )
Flag awaiting schalit 311
(photo credit: REUTERS/Eric Gaillard )
6:38 p.m.: Schalit's father thanks public, IDF, gov't for support
6:33 p.m.: Noam Schalit hopes healing process for Gilad will be quick
6:16 p.m.: Sa'ar instructs schools to discuss captives, freeing them
6:08 p.m.:. Pollards happy Schalit is free
5:51 p.m.: New York Jews rejoice at Schalit's return
5:47 p.m.:  Blair: Schalit's return is 'a moment of great joy'
5:44 p.m. German FM says he's happy, relieved that Schalit back home
5:13 p.m.: Schalit finally enters Mitzpe Hila home after 5 years
5:09 p.m.: Police escort Schalit convoy to home in Mitzpe Hila
4:55 p.m.: IAF helicopter carrying Gilad Schalit lands in Mitzpe Hila
4:48 p.m.: Jewish groups welcome return of Schalit to Israel
4:32 p.m.: Gantz: IDF committed to bringing back all captive soldiers
4:25 p.m.:  Azzam Azzam: 'The trauma hasn’t left me'
4:23 p.m.:  Police making final preparations for Schalit at Mitzpe Hila
4:14 p.m.: Tvzi Schalit: Gilad in better condition than we thought
4:11 p.m.: Schalit sets off for Mitzpe Hila in IAF helicopter
4:05 p.m.: Itamar Ben-Gvir freed after protesting prisoner releases3:43 p.m.: UN concerned at fate of Palestinian detainees
3:42 p.m.:: UK says Israel must do more for Middle East peace
3:28 p.m.: Schalit finishes medical exams; set to fly to Mitzpe Hila
3:15 p.m.: Opposition MKs split on PM's behavior on Schalit release
2:51 p.m.: Sarkozy: Schalit release is 'huge relief for France'
2:41 p.m.:: IDF medics to determine if Schalit will fly, drive home 2:33 p.m.: Red Cross praises release of Schalit, Palestinian prisoners
2:07 p.m.: Palestinians clash with security forces at Betunia
2:05 p.m.: Police deployed in Mitzpe Hila ahead of Schalit return
1:55 p.m.: Cameron: UK shares joy of Gilad Schalit's family
1:45 p.m.: Gantz: Return of Schalit is closure for State of Israel
1:34 p.m.: Barak: We will act to prevent risks from endangering us
1:25 p.m.: Netanyahu: We are united in happiness and pain 1:16 p.m.: World Jewish Congress welcomes Schalit's release
1:12 p.m.: Schalit reunites with family, PM welcomes him to Israel
12:50 p.m.: Schalit lands at Tel Nof Air Force Base where parents await12:48 p.m.: IDF: Schalit suffering from limp, may be malnourished
12:39 p.m.: Peres thanks Konrad, Merkel for German role in Schalit deal 12:32 p.m.: Abbas hails release of Palestinian prisoners as victory 12:30 p.m.: Schalit in IDF helicopter en route to meet PM, family
12:03 p.m.: Officials: Egypt interview shows Schalit of sound mind
11:55 a.m.: IDF: Schalit found to be in good physical condition
11:53 a.m.: UN's Ban sees peace process boost from Schalit deal
11:39 a.m.: Report: Schalit tells IDF psychologist: I feel good
11:28 a.m.: Gilad Schalit in first interview: I missed my family
11:15 a.m.: IDF spokesman: Schalit in Israel, undergoing medical exam
11:13 a.m.: Egyptian TV airs interview with Gilad Schalit 11:08 a.m.: Netanyahu, Gantz updated on Gilad Schalit's status
10:51 a.m.: @yaakovkatz: Israeli negotiator David Meidan to meet Schalit in coming minutes in Egypt and bring him via Kerem Shalom to Israel #Jpost
10:43 a.m.: UK Zionist Federation welcomes Schalit release
10:36 a.m.:  IDF confrims: Gilad Schalit has arrived in Israel
10:33 a.m.: Israel begins transferring prisoners to Gaza, W. Bank
10:22 a.m.: Egyptian television shows pictures of Gilad Schalit in Egypt
10:15 a.m.: Female prisoner problem solved, exchange continuing
10:06 a.m.: Report: All Gaza-bound prisoners have entered Egypt
9:59 a.m.:  PM to Schalit parents: You will see Gilad 'any time soon'
9:47 a.m.: Schalit deal delayed as 2 prisoners refuse entry to Gaza
9:42 a.m.: Report: Egyptian state TV to interview Schalit 9:38 a.m.: Netanyahu arrives at Tel Nof base ahead of Schalit swap
9:36 a.m.: BBC: Schalit spoke with family on phone, in good health
9:32 a.m.: Report: Planes land in Cairo to deport released prisoners
9:30 a.m.: Report: 2 female prisoners refusing transfer to Gaza
9:24 a.m.: Egypt TV: Schalit in Egypt, will be transferred in 1 hour
9:08 a.m.: West Bank residents celebrate Schalit prisoner releases
8:54 a.m: BBC: Haniyeh arrives at Rafah crossing to await prisoners 8:49 a.m: Noam Schalit: We are waiting, trying to stay calm
8:40 a.m: Hundreds celebrate prisoner release in Umm el-Fahm 8:33 a.m.: Gantz arrives at Tel Nof ahead of Schalit swap
8:22 a.m.: Schalit family arrives at Tel Nof to greet Gilad
8:05 a.m.: Gilad Schalit's grandfather arrives at Tel Nof base
7:54 a.m.: IDF receives confirmation: Gilad Schalit is in Egyptian hands
7:42 a.m.: Hamas waiting for confirmation that Schalit is in Egypt
7:35 a.m.: Schalit family leaves Mitzpe Hila, on route to Tel Nof
7:16 a.m.: Report: Hamas says Gilad Schalit transferred to Egyptian side of Rafah crossing; no Egyptian or Israel confirmation
7:11 a.m.: Report: Palestinian prisoners await Erdogan's approval
7:00 a.m.: Officials say Schalit release 'exciting, but difficult'
6:59 a.m.: Tel Nof: IDF sets up field hospital to receive Schalit
6:19 a.m.: Gilad's grandfather, sister head to Tel Nof for his release
6:22 a.m.: IDF: Media gathers at Kerem Shalom awaiting Gilad's return
6:12 a.m.: Ma'an: Buses, Red Cross vehicles arrive at Rafah crossing
6:08 a.m.: Palestinian prisoners brought to border crossings
5:00 a.m.: Report: Border crossings now closed military zones
4:19 a.m.: Right-wing activists try to block prisoner convoys
3:29 a.m.: Report: Shin Bet pressured prisoners over Schalit deal
3:00 a.m.: Report: Palestinian inmates begin leaving Israeli jails
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