The Blog Down: Let the partying continue

JPost blogs feature upcoming US elections, De-legitimizatoin and Islamophobia, among other topics.

The Blog Down: Let the partying continue  (photo credit: Wikicommons)
The Blog Down: Let the partying continue
(photo credit: Wikicommons)
The blogosphere got off to a relatively quiet start this week with the holiday season coming to an abrupt end. While the majority of our bloggers seemed to be off enjoying the scent of etrogim and the beauty of autumn leaves, there were a few notable exceptions.
Yisrael Medad was busy avidly following the events and reports of the violence on the Temple Mount and the "Controversial anti-Islam ads set for Washington DC," offering criticism of the coverage by The New York Times, The Washington Post, and even The Jerusalem Post in two blogs, Let us have just the unembellished news and The NY Times and the Temple Mount.
He dissects the reports in these leading papers, questioning their use of language and omission of certain details, failing to provide the full picture. Questioning,
"Exactly what political ideological line does their news fit?"
Ira Sharkansky was also blogging away this week, publishing two posts. The first, written while abroad (now that's dedication!) entitled, With Varda in Berlin depicts a more personal blog, delving into familial history in Germany. The second, Bibi as pest and extremist, takes a different tone, offering harsh criticism of the Obama Administration and defending Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's latest actions in the wake of the Iranian threat and upcoming elections in both Israel and the US. He writes,
"Netanyahu has served Israel well by succeeding in putting Iran's nuclear program high on the international agenda. Pest he may be, but pest he should be, given all that Iran's leadership has said about Israel, and the ample evidence that it has spent years wasting the time of international worthies who would negotiate and move only slowly and gradually to serious sanctions.
In sharp contrast, Ed Koch blogs in his latest piece Mr. President, take heart, offering advice and encouragement for US President Barack Obama following his, shall we say, not so successful debate with Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. He writes,
"So my advice to the President is recognize your strengths which include high intelligence, courage, passion, integrity, likeability and most importantly, being on the people's side of the issues... I would also say to the President - put aside the anger that you might feel towards those, like Chris Matthews and a host of others, from whom you might have expected more support at a moment you needed it, so that it doesn't take away any of your energy and ability to concentrate on what it is you have to do to prepare for the next debate and, ultimately, lead this country for another four years.
On another front, Dennis Mitzner and Petra Marquardt-Bigman brought to light recent Israel de-legitimization efforts making headlines.
Dennis's post, Despite warnings Estelle determined to reach Gaza, analyzes the latest Gaza bound flotilla sailing under the Finnish flag, and offers interviews we might otherwise have missed of the organizers from a leading Finnish news outlet.
Petra, on the other hand, continues her documentation and crushing critique of Egyptian-American writer Mona Elthawy's latest comments against the "anti-Jihad" ads in New York, in her latest blog, How to stoke Islamophobia.
Now for a lighter and happier note we turn to two bloggers, Dr. Leah Hakimian, who introduces us to yet another happy couple to have tied the knot, in her latest piece, How Becky met Mark. Interviewing more than 75 couples over two continents, Leah will not rest until she answers the question – How do couples meet and marry?
Perhaps our next blogger, KJ Hannah Greenberg can answer that question as she informs us in her latest blog, Quietly Now, that this coming month she is expecting not one but two weddings! She writes,
"The joyous tumult of the season of Rosh Hashanah, of Yom Kippur, of Sukkot, and of Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah (these holidays share a date in Israel) have passed. Crisper, brighter autumnal air cools my home. My family’s thoughts turn back to school, to work, and to matters of other mundanities. Nonetheless, with us, b’ayin tova, the partying continues.
As I hope it will for all our readers. Mazal Tov Hannah!