Israeli initiative creates virtual platform for food-lovers amid COVID-19

“People want memorable, fun experiences. We’re creating the possibility for this.”

Japan Japan food (photo credit: Courtesy)
Japan Japan food
(photo credit: Courtesy)
An Israeli online initiative seeks to connect food-lovers with some of the best the culinary world has to offer, and all for an affordable budget, Israeli tech site NoCamels reported.
Called Delicious Experiences, the platform seeks to fill the food niche created with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic having greatly limited the tourism industry. With more people than ever stuck at home, the hospitality and culinary industries have struggled to adapt as people seek similar experiences from isolation.
“People are craving these kinds of global experiences,” Inbal Baum, who founded Delicious Experiences with her husband, developer/consultant/entrepreneur Tal Ater, told NoCamels. “People want memorable, fun experiences. We’re creating the possibility for this.”
“The pandemic sort of forced the hospitality industry to rethink the way we operate. The use of technology was underutilized and I think there will be an expansion of its use to build and create experiences and relationships,” award-winning Singapore-based bartender Joseph Haywood, who teaches an online workshop on how to create signature cocktails, told the website.
Baum is CEO of Delicious Israel, a company that offered guided food tours of Israel. Seeing travel restrictions but still an ever present desire to have good food, she adapted, shifting focus to online food tours.
From there, she decided to take advantage of the online world's lack of borders by creating a global audience, NoCamels reported.
“This is an online platform and we can offer mixology experiences out of Singapore, authentic cooking from Portugal, pasta making with chefs from Italy… We can have classes at all times,” Baum explained.
Baum's timing proved correct. According to Google Trends, online cooking classes have skyrocketed by 300% since March, with some of the recipes topping the trends being banana bread, meatloaf, margaritas, strawberry daiquiris, naan bread, challah and ice cream.
“People are open to new kinds of experiences online,” Baum explained to NoCamels. “Zoom fatigue is not relevant to what we’re offering. You’re not just watching the screen, you’re active. When you’re in the kitchen cooking or sipping cocktails, you’re engaged. Even online, there is a feeling of togetherness – even if you’re not physically there together.”
You can visit the Delicious Experiences website at this address:

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