Pascale’s Kitchen: We love olive oil

Many factors affect the taste of olive oil, as in the case of wines, such as where the olives are grown, the climate and the type of soil (aka terroir – the set of environmental conditions).

Some of the best recipes from the 'Best of Kosher' cookbook

The recipes really live up to the hype. There are quick and easy options for weeknights, and fancy ones for Shabbat and holiday guests, some with beautiful presentation tips, and all delicious.

Pascale’s Kitchen: Shortcuts to make baking fun

For this week, I chose three types of cake bases, and within a few hours I’d created three different fancy desserts, which I immediately put in the fridge, to be taken out just before serving. 

Pascale’s Kitchen: Filo dough treats

At the beginning of each week, I spend time planning my Shabbat menu, thinking about which type of dough would work for each dish.

Pascale’s Kitchen: Reduce food waste with fritters

In North African cuisine, they prepare bread balls called ouja, which are fritters made from basic ingredients. They were initially created by frying the leftovers from Shabbat.

Pascale’s Kitchen: Hanukkah savory dishes

As you’ve all probably had your fill of sufganiyot this past week, this time I bring you three recipes for savory dishes that are perfect for the last few nights of Hanukkah. 

Pascale’s Kitchen: Hanukkah treats

All year long, we can be careful about what we eat, but when Hanukkah rolls around, it’s time to put any thoughts of dieting aside and enjoy all the treats that are cooked in oil.

In the kitchen with Henny: Another spin on Hanukkah

In keeping with some of the Hanukkah traditions, like eating dairy and foods using olive oil, here’s a festive get-together menu that won’t last in your stomach for eight days.


How to fit sufganiyot into your diet

Make sure to eat some nutritious food with your donut!

Can't quite get that old-fashioned latkes flavor? Here you go

Inspired by Eastern European cuisine, with a touch of orange, fresh strawberry sauce and sour cream: These are the real-deal old-fashioned latkes

By Meirav Sheiner-Denchenko/Walla!
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