'Sasha' finds a novel way around corona restrictions: picnic baskets

Deliveries are available in Ra’anana, or the baskets can be collected.

Sasha offers picnic baskets for the short-on-time (photo credit: Courtesy)
Sasha offers picnic baskets for the short-on-time
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Liat Pinhasov has found an original and charming way to carry on her restaurant business under lockdown: She prepares picnic baskets with a selection of the dishes normally served in her Ra’anana restaurant and seems to have found the answer to everyone’s problems. Not only is she able to continue her business but also to provide food for hard-working and harassed customers who have to feed their families.
Sasha, the restaurant, is situated in a park within the Sportek complex. Deliveries are available in Ra’anana, but we were happy to drive over from Netanya to pick up our supper one day last week.
Liat, who left the business world two years ago to become her own boss, presented us with a splendid selection of interesting bread, cheeses and salads which made a very pleasant mid-week supper.
The star of the take-away is something I had never before had but would happily eat again. It consisted of a large savory croissant filled with good quality smoked salmon, hard white cheese and purple onion garnish. It was quite a delicacy and very satisfying (NIS 32).
There were several varieties of feta and Bulgarit cheese cut into cubes and sprinkled with black sesame seeds, in addition to olives, tehina, rich cream cheese with chives, and finally, vegan rissoles made of various chopped vegetables that had been oven-baked and somehow held together without containing any eggs. As someone who needs to prepare vegan food often for my son, I was very intrigued to learn that the secret to egg-free cutlets is humus (NIS 64 with side dishes).
The basket included a very fresh focaccia loaf which came hot from the oven and some whole wheat rolls generously sprinkled with sunflower seeds and oatmeal. Packets of butter were also to be found in the depths of the container.
A large, freshly cut Israeli salad consisting of finely diced tomatoes and cucumbers also found its way into our basket together with thousand-island and vinaigrette dressing on the side.
At Sasha, one can also order fried eggs and every possible variation on omelets, herb-filled green pancakes and other dairy goodies.
The baskets have to be returned, but if, like us, you don’t live in Ra’anana, you can get your meal in a large cardboard container lined with a red gingham paper cloth. This is tied with white satin ribbon and the final flourish, a sprig of fresh rosemary. It’s a feel-good and inexpensive way to eat out – at home.
Sasha Argov St. 34, Sportek Complex, Ra’anana.
Phone: (09) 974-7965
Open Sun-Thurs: 8 a.m.-8 p.m.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.