KKL-JNF Inaugurates the Renewed ‘Path of the Sages’ in Biriya Forest

The Path of the Sages, renovated and expanded thanks to the support of Friends of KKL Mexico, is now open to visitors.

View of the Upper Galilee from the Path of the Sages (photo credit: KKL-JNF)
View of the Upper Galilee from the Path of the Sages
(photo credit: KKL-JNF)
On October 30th, 2019, in a festive ceremony at the Biriya Fortress, KKL-JNF inaugurated the Path of the Sages [Heb: Shvil HaTzadikim]. With the support of friends of KKL Mexico, the trail was upgraded and a new segment added. The trail is now open to visitors.
The Path of the Sages is a unique paved trail in the heart of nature, with a length of about three and a half kilometers. KKL-JNF, with the support of KKL Mexico, first established the trail in 2005. The trail lies in close proximity to the tomb of Benayahu Ben Yehoyada - a warrior for King David, head general for King Solomon, and later head of the Sanhedrin (Council of Sages). Nearby, to the north of the trail, stands the tombs of Babylonian Amoraim (scholars from the 200-500 CE Talmudic period) Rava and Abaye.  The walking path was built as a safety measure for local residents and soldiers stationed at nearby army bases so that they would not have to walk on the road. The path was well received by the public.
In 2019, KKL-JNF further extended the trail and completed its development from the IDF Mishor Base up to the Biriya Fortress, and then from the fortress back to the road, creating a circular trail. The trail is now paved in asphalt and marked in KKL-JNF colors (blue, green and brown). KKL-JNF has also added kilometer markers, in the framework of its classification as a health trail.
The trail enables visitors to walk in safety, connect to Jewish heritage and visit the tombs of the righteous. In the near future, KKL-JNF plans to add lighting along the length of the trail so that it can be used at all hours of the day and night.