JNF Joint Institute gets matching gift from Boston-based foundation

The funding will support the Institute’s initial research phase, demonstrating sustainable methods of food production in an arid environment.

Dimona mayor to 'Post': KKL-JNF will bring hi-tech to the South – opinion

Atar and KKL-JNF call this shift “Israeli Relocation.” I call it “Contemporary Zionism.”

Gantz’s Herzlian challenge: Appoint a Green Zionist to run KKL-JNF

A consensus is forming that Prof. Alon Tal is the right person for this difficult KKL-JNF job at this critical moment.

Alon Tal - The man who would save Israel’s environment?

ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS: It is with October's WZC election that Tal hopes to clinch the much coveted role although he will be going up against the popular and politically savvy Danny Atar.

Settler leader calls for sovereignty, applauds authorization of 525 dunams

KKL-JNF chairman Danny Atar: “Completion of the process has important historical and Zionist value as well as practical significance.”

Revitalizing Israel’s Periphery: KKL-JNF leaders discuss ‘Israel 2040’

With the advent of working from home and remote locations, It no longer matters where an employer is situated. “Someone can hire an employee that is living in Zefat or Kiryat Shemona."

KKL-JNF Chairman: Israel will bring thousands to Negev and Galilee

Daniel Atar says that ‘Israel 2040’, KKL-JNF’s plan for settling massive numbers of people in the Negev and Galilee, can make these areas become bloom in 20 years.

KKL-JNF to build amphitheater safe for live-audiences amid coronavirus

The amphitheater, with the ability to seat hundreds of audience members, will be set up outdoors, with seating set up in the form of capsules.

Tal Brody inscribed into Jewish National Fund's Golden Book

Tal Brody was inscribed into the Golden Book alongside notable people of Israeli History, such as the father of modern Zionism, Theodore Herzl and Israel's first prime minister David Ben-Gurion.

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