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Avraham Duvdevani: Bringing winds of change to KKL-JNF

‘Renew our days as of old,’ to bring KKL-JNF back to the original purpose for which it was founded 120 years ago.

KKL-JNF allocate NIS 38 million to advance West Bank settlement building

The move comes as the Biden administration persistently warns Israel against unilateral steps in the West Bank such as settlement development.

Supporting the KKL-JNF’s Judea and Samaria policies - opinion

Assuming a KKL-JNF vote will lead to the changes feared by Jacobs, including the endangerment of a two-state solution, then my response would be a resounding “Hallelujah!”


How did Zionist symbol KKL-JNF become an organization that hurts Israel?

We need to break this cycle, for the sake of Israel and our relationships with our friends and partners around the world.


KKL-JNF’s board may buy Palestinian land to accelerate settler building

Should the plan pass the board, it would be the first decision to specifically focus on a wide-ranging strategy to strengthen Jewish building in Judea and Samaria.

A final miracle of Hanukkah via Zoom

KKL-JNF builds the future of the Israeli academic world: NIS 13 million in scholarships awarded to 700 Israeli students


Hula Lake’s Wildlife Acclimation Center Spreads its Wings

In the heart of the Hula Valley, KKL-JNF opened a veterinary clinic and acclimation center for injured wildlife


Duvdevani is elected global chairman of KKL-Jewish National Fund

Duvdevani holds a Bachelor’s degree in Jewish history and educational administration and a Master’s degree in sociology of education.

Avraham Duvdevani approved to serve as global chairman of KKL-JNF

Having served for the past decade served as chairman of the World Zionist Organization, the moves marks a game of musical chairs in the Zionist movement.

Zionism in black and white

the "Through the Glass" photo exhibit will run through until the end of December, and possibly into 2021.

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