Health funds improve financial fitness

Maccabi Health Services and Kupat Holim Meuhedet finish 2006 with surplus, while Clalit Health Services and Kupat Holim Leumit both stayed in deficit.

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Two of the four health funds, Maccabi Health Services and Kupat Holim Meuhedet, ended 2006 with surpluses, while Clalit Health Services reduced its deficit and Kupat Holim Leumit's shortfall remained about the same as a year earlier. This according to a report on health fund finances released by the Health Ministry for publication on Sunday. It was prepared by Mira Waldman Asherov of the Hillman accounting firm. Clalit, which insures a bit more than half the population, had a deficit of NIS 63 million in 2006 compared to one of NIS 347m. the previous year. Maccabi, the second largest fund, had a surplus of NIS 3m., compared to a NIS 65m. deficit in 2005, while Meuhedet had a surplus of NIS 19m. compared to one of NIS 13m. in 2005. Leumit had a deficit of NIS 76m. in 2006 compared to NIS 75m. a year earlier. All together, the four health insurers spent NIS 26.9 billion in 2006, compared to NIS 26.4b. the previous year. Paying for members' hospitalization was responsible for 43 percent of costs, wages 26% and medications 21%. Per capita expenditures rose by 3% and reached NIS 3,821 per member. The funds spend NIS 1,683 to hospitalize an average member, with Clalit spending the most (NIS 1,832), Meuhedet NIS 1,524, Leumit NIS 1,493 and Maccabi NIS 1,486. The basket of health services comprised NIS 24b. for the health funds in 2006.