Negligent dentist loses license

Health Ministry reaches decision after probing complaints of improper behavior, malpractice.

Dentist Dr. Shalom Cohen’s license to practice has been abrogated by the Health Ministry, which took the decision after investigating a number of patients’ complaints over alleged malpractice and improper behavior, the ministry announced on Tuesday.
One woman complained about faulty installation of a dental bridge, failure to perform the dental implant that had been agreed upon, a demand for payment for a treatment that had not been performed, and the clinic’s move from Jerusalem to Bnei Brak without arranging for continued treatment. A second woman complained that Cohen had extracted a wisdom tooth without examining her mouth or having done an x-ray. The extraction caused a healthy adjacent tooth to wobble.
Despite many calls and letters from the ministry, the dentist failed to send the ministry any responses to the complaints. Cohen’s right to practice dentistry was halted on March 7.
Retired judge Vardi Zeiler, who coordinates hearings on complaintsagainst medical personnel, said that while Cohen’s license could havebeen suspended for some years, it had been decided to cancel itcompletely. However, he said that after eight years, the ministry mightconsider a request to renew it.