Punishment for violence against medical staffers harshened

New law sets 5 years’ imprisonment for attacks on doctors, interns, nurses, medics and MDA personnel.

After years of bemoaning violence against medical personnel, the Knesset has passed a private member’s bill sponsored by Meretz chairman Haim Oron to severely punish those who endanger medical staffers.
The punishment for those who attack medical and emergency staffers will be more severe than for violence against other public workers, for which the punishment is three years in jail.
The new law sets five years’ imprisonment for those who physically attack doctors, interns, nurses, medics and Magen David Adom personnel while doing their job. The punishment is not for verbal violence.
Israel Medical Association chairman Dr. Leonid Eidelman said he was satisfied by the fact that the Knesset approved the proposal, which was initiated by the IMA. "Violence in the hospitals and clinics long ago crossed all the red lines," Eidelman added.
Oron commented that the state would not stand helpless opposite the growing wave of violence against medical personnel.
"I hope this is the first step in the effort to bring about an end to this phenomenon," he said.