Israelis hold record for use of Russian websites

A third of Web users based in that country live outside Russia, and 2% of these are Israelis.

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Israeli Internet users "surf" Web sites in Russia more than Internet users from all of North America according to University of Haifa psychologist and Internet researcher Prof. Alexander Viskovsky. Speaking at an information conference sponsored by the university this week, he said that Israelis have the "world's record" for entering Internet sites based in Russia. A third of Web users based in that country live outside Russia, and two percent of these are Israelis. Prof. Shizaf Rafaeli, an information researcher at the University of Haifa, added that the reasons for the high rate of representation is not only that many Israelis speak Russian and were born in the former Soviet Union, but also that they feel "nostalgia and homesickness" for the Russian culture and the desire to be in touch with other Internet surfers who use the Russian language. "Apparently, Russian immigrants are physically here with us, but their hearts are still in their native country," said Rafaeli. "This is additional proof that immigrants from the former Soviet Union keep in continuous touch with the place where they were born, with the familiar culture that they miss and with relatives and friends who remain there. Today, in the Internet era, this is an easy, convenient and inexpensive way to do it."