New boost for clean energy launched

New boost for clean ener

The Israeli Clean Energy Forum was launched on Monday to convert government decisions on clean energy from vision into reality. The new forum brings together many of the big guns in the environmental business world, including former director-general of the National Infrastructures Ministry Hezi Kugler, who will be the new chairman. The other directors and founders include: Orit Marom-Albeck, a partner at the Shibolet& Co. law firm in charge of their cleantech practice, and Yehuda Bornitzky, Chairman of Ormat Industries. The Forum kicked off its activities with a meeting with President Shimon Peres, a staunch advocate of a green Israel. Other members of the forum include: Shlomo Nehama, Chairman of Ellomay Capital and former chairman of Bank Hapoalim; Adv. Richard Roberts of Shibolet & Co.; Chen Altshuler of Altshuler-Shaham; Itay Zetelney of Ernst & Young, Israel; Moti Friedman, Chairman of Israel Electric Corp; Guy Sela, CEO of Solar Edge Technologies; David Knafo of Knafo-Klimor Architects and former Chairman of Israel's Architects' Association, Meir Yukeles, Senior Partner in Israel Cleantech Ventures, and Imad Talhami, former deputy head of Delta Industries. "The State of Israel has made great strides toward reducing the gap between Israel and other nations in the field of clean energy, and highly focused efforts need to be devoted to continuing the momentum that has been created so as to translate government policy into wide-reaching steps that will enable realization of our objectives. "The Israeli Clean Energy Forum's activities will be directed at that aim on the basis of a professional platform that will assist decision makers and the market to internalize those policies in the widest manner possible," Kugler said in a statement.