Kids to learn how to 'surf' safely

Schoolchildren and parents will receive guidance on using the Internet without getting into trouble.

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Half a million schoolchildren and parents will receive guidance on Monday on how to use the Internet without getting into trouble as part of National Safe Internet Day. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the dangers of pedophilia, abuse and other crimes, including the illegal use of intellectual property. The campaign is being held for the third year in a row and was initiated by world Microsoft in 20 European countries. It is sponsored by the Education Ministry and Microsoft-Israel, with the participation of the Israel Police, the IDF and the National Council for the Child. A kick-off event will be held at 10:30 a.m. at the Mifal Hapayis Center in Ramat Gan attended by Education Minister Yuli Tamir, Microsoft-Israel managing director Danny Yamin and ministry director-general Shmuel Abuav. A panel discussion will enable hundreds of pupils and parents to ask questions on proper and courteous Internet surfing behavior. Other events on Monday include virtual classes on Internet use that will reach half a million pupils in 2,000 elementary, intermediate and high schools, and 10,000 pupils in Mifal Hapayis community centers. The Israel Police is sending 1,200 specially trained officers to help out. Children will be told not to give personal information, including names, phone numbers and addresses, to strangers in chat groups; how not to be abused by phoney messages; not to upload photos of others to Web sites without permission of the subjects; and how to avoid plagiarism of Internet texts for school reports. Parents will be taught how to prevent their children from accessing pornographic and other abusive Web sites. The Hebrew-language Web site of National Safe Internet Day is