Six young scientists to receive $10,000 Krill Prize

The Krill Prize for excellence in scientific research, funded by the Krill family, will be awarded Monday by the Wolf Foundation to six young scientists at a Bar-Ilan University ceremony. Initiated last year, six Krill Prizes - worth $10,000 each - are awarded annually in exact sciences, life sciences, medicine, agriculture and engineering. Prizes are awarded to outstanding faculty members at institutions of higher education in Israel, who hold the untenured positions of lecturer or senior lecturer. Recipients are selected by the Wolf Foundation Scholarships Committee from among outstanding candidates submitted by all Israeli universities. The six winners, who will receive their awards from BIU president Prof. Moshe Kaveh, are:
  • Dr. Dorit Aharonov - (born 1970, US), Hebrew University of Jerusalem's School of Computer Science and Engineering;
  • Dr. Eli Barkai - (born 1964, Israel), BIU Physics Department;
  • Dr. Shulamit Levenberg - (born 1969, Israel), Technion Faculty of Biomedical Engineering;
  • Dr. Itamar Simon - (born 1966, Israel), HU Department of Molecular Biology;
  • Dr. Tal Pupko (born 1972, Israel), Tel Aviv University Department of Cell Research and Immunology; and
  • Dr. Leeor Kronik - (born 1970, Israel), Weizmann Institute of Science Department of Materials and Interfaces.