MDA calls for blood donors ahead of holiday

In preparation for this week's holiday, MDA call on donors to come in and help out.

WOMEN DONATE blood at the Magen David Adom station 370 (photo credit: Courtesy MDA)
WOMEN DONATE blood at the Magen David Adom station 370
(photo credit: Courtesy MDA)
Magen David Adom has prepared its emergency services for an “unprecedented” level of alert for Remembrance Day and Independence Day this week.
Its ambulance staffers will be on the scene at military cemeteries on Monday and at entertainment and other public events and at national parks and other sites on Monday night and Tuesday.
In addition to mobile intensive care units, ambulances and other vehicles, two MDA-Lahak helicopters are on duty to evacuate people rapidly. The first-aid and ambulance services asks anyone who needs their help to dial 101.
As the level of blood donations always declines around the holidays, MDA asks that people give blood at an MDA station or mobile site. Call (03) 530- 0400 or 1-800-400-101 for more information or go into MDA’s website at
With thousands of barbecues alight, it asked people to keep bonfires far from trees, bushes and grassy areas and ensure that ashes are turned over and watered so the fire is extinguished.
Keep children away from burning coals, fire lighters and hot oil. They should not aim foam sprays into eyes of others. Do not throw any aerosols into fire. If a spark enters the eye, wash it with plenty of water, and call for help if anyone is injured. Keep children away from all caps (used in cap guns) and fireworks.
Do not allow children to overturn rocks in nature areas, as poisonous snakes and scorpions awake from their winter sleep could attack. No one should go barefoot on grass or exposed earth in these areas, MDA advised. Take first-aid kits on hikes as well as enough water and food for all.
MDA advises parents not to feed children under five with tough meat that is difficult to chew, as they could choke on it. Hot dogs should be cut lengthwise and not in rounds that could be inhaled and get stuck in the trachea.