New Year's Eve celebrations in Israel - parties, booze, and drunk drivers

The number of people hurt is significantly higher on New Year’s Eve than on a regular night, according to Magen David Adom.

2012 New Year's 300 (photo credit: ZHEYANG SOOHOO)
2012 New Year's 300
(photo credit: ZHEYANG SOOHOO)
Concerned that celebrations of the 2014 New Year will be marred by road accidents and violent incidences due to inebriation, Magen David Adom has raised its alert level to treat the injured.
The number of people hurt is significantly higher on New Year’s Eve than on a regular night, MDA said on Sunday.
At the eve of 2013, for example, MDA treated 32 accident victims, including a 16-yearold youth who was killed on the road near Kfar Yarka.
In addition, there were 27 victims of violence, among them a 22-year-old man who was stabbed with a knife and rushed in serious condition to a Jerusalem hospital. An 18-year-old youth in Lod was wounded after being shot in his leg.
About 50 adults and teenagers last year who drank large amounts of alcohol were treated by MDA medics.
To prevent such incidents, MDA called on the public not to drink excessive amounts of alcohol, which can lead to a coma and death. It can cause loss of memory, confusion, exhaustion, poor coordination and susceptibility to violence or abuse.
Never drink under the influence of alcohol, the organization reiterated. If some in a group plan to drink, make sure there is a qualified driver who abstains so he can drive the rest home.
If a victim of excessive alcohol vomits, turn him on his side. Don’t give him coffee or another liquid to drink because the loss of reflexes could lead to him inhaling it into his lungs and choking. If a victim loses consciousness and is not breathing, begin resuscitation immediately and call MDA at 101.
Never leave open bottles or glasses containing alcoholic beverages without supervision, MDA warned.
At parties, someone could add chemicals or pills to make the drinker lose control or consciousness.
Parents should discourage youngsters under the age of 18 from purchasing or drinking alcohol.
Do not enter overly occupied parties or clubs, as young people may be hurt from overcrowding.