Pure cure

An Israeli innovative medical device has proven to be a genuine lifesaver for those suffering from acute and chronic pain.

B-cure laser 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
B-cure laser 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The B-Cure Laser can be used at home or in the hospital. Although it is a small, mobile and rechargeable device, it incorporates proven clinical curative power. This Israeli product brings positive energy to people here and abroad who are suffering from pain.
“As someone who has purchased 16 devices for myself, my family and relatives and friends abroad, I can attest that the results of using the B-Cure Laser device have certainly justified the investment,” says Shmuel Ben-Dror. “The device has worked effectively to relieve the kind of pain that results of a fall, such as falling off a bicycle and incurring a serious shoulder injury. I used the device a few times a day, and it definitely helped cure my injury,” he says.
Sounds promising, almost magical and mysterious, but it is simply a small, efficient device.
B-Cure Laser is a soft laser device that treats acute and chronic pain, orthopedic problems and skin conditions, also wounds that are difficult to cure, such as diabetes wounds.
“The device is easy to use and convenient to carry around and can be implemented even when watching TV or on a long trip,” Ben-Dror adds. “As someone who is dedicated to managing his own life, I find the B-Cure Laser to be a topnotch ancillary instrument.”
The treatment with the device encompasses a wide range of applications. Engineer Michael Schlosser, the CEO of the company,reports that the Device has recently saved the leg of a diabetic patient from being amputated by treating the patient’s 7x7 cm. wound with the B-Cure Laser.
Besides relieving pain, the devices can be used to cure people, such as patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee who can begin to climb stairs after treatment.
The company’s concept is founded on the desire to help people, hence the name Good Energies.
“There is now a worldwide movement in the direction of soft laser,” said Schlosser in an interview with Gleam, “and we are proud to present this device with cutting edge technology in soft-laser therapy. The essence of the patent is the electric optical mechanism that enables us to extract a concentrated, coherent beam of 4.5 sq.cm, an advantage that doesn’t exist in any other device in the world.”
The device can be used independently and takes less than 10 minutes, two to four times a day, so a lot of time and resources are saved, in addition to a reduction in the user’s need for medication.
“Every week we hear of another patient who canceled an operation after being treated with the device,” says Schlosser. “Our device treats orthopedic problems, pain, skin conditions, and curing difficulties such as diabetes wounds. This may be a small device, but it has the healing power of a clinic. It is easy and safe to use. Its significant advantage lies in its suitability for at-home treatment.”
Indeed, the device’s great advantages are its high levels of accessibility, compactness and mobility. A person can treat himself at home or in a hospital bed with no need to go to other locations to access large devices.
The B-Cure Laser can be purchased at various places, as well as on the company’s website. The device can be found at the Maccabi Health Funds, Maccabi Pharm pharmacies and in the country’s major hospitals, such as Hadassah, Ichilov, Sheba Tel Hashomer and Rambam. B-Cure Laser has got the European community approval CE 0120 medical Device. “We have gained international momentum and are already exporting the device to Europe,” says Schlosser. “We’re looking for additional markets around the world in order to expand and are seeking more distributors in various countries.”
For further details, e-mail [email protected] or visit www.gd-energies.com