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A blood glucose test is done to check sugar levels in a Type 2 Diabetes patient

Coronavirus could cause diabetes, new study finds

The virus attacks beta cells in the pancreas, which are responsible for producing insulin. Damaging these cells and interrupting this process leads to type-1 diabetes.


Hillel's Tech Corner: DreaMed Diabetes: Optimizing treatment

Diabetes treatment optimization for patient empowerment


What are Diabetic Socks and Why Might You Need Them?

Ever seen an advertisement for something called “diabetic socks,” and wondered what in the world that was about? Can socks get diabetes? Can other items of clothing be diabetic? What does diabetes have to do with feet anyway?


US woman becomes first known living person to urinate alcohol

Doctors had initially denied the patient a liver transplant, assuming she was lying about having no history of alcohol abuse after urine tests kept coming in positive for high amounts of ethanol.

WHO working on recommendations for resuming flights to China

"That is why we need to define with those companies specific recommendations so their staff feel secure, feel protected as well so they can resume flying to China," she said.

A blood glucose test is done to check sugar levels in a Type 2 Diabetes patient

Israeli team develops 'anti-diabetes drug'

463 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes worldwide and up to 95% of this number have Type 2.

From left: Dr. Avi Treves, Nobel Prize winner Sidney Altman, Dr. Nikolai Kunicher

Israeli scientists: Cure for insulin-dependent diabetics within five years

“This is a new way to treat diabetes,” said CEO Dr. Nikolai Kunicher.

DreaMed wins FDA clearance for AI insulin recommendation technology

The cloud-based Advisor Pro software generates insulin delivery recommendations by analyzing information from continuous glucose sensors, self-monitoring blood glucose meters and insulin pump data.


What's killing Israelis? Hint: It's not terror

Cancer continues to be the leading cause of death in Israel followed by heart disease, according to the report.

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