This gel can clog holes in tooth enamel coating — and it's kosher

Daily application of a gel developed by two Swiss dentists "helps to create a completely renewed protective layer and coats the enamel after years of damage."

 Illustrative photo of a smile.  (photo credit: PXHERE)
Illustrative photo of a smile.
(photo credit: PXHERE)

Israel's Health Ministry granted vVardis, a Swiss company that develops oral health rehabilitation products a license to sell in Israel a gel that clogs small and primary holes in the enamel coating of teeth. 

The company, which is run by two sisters, Swiss dentists named Haley and Golner Aviardi, has developed a set of products based on the WX formula which has won wide support in 200 scientific studies published worldwide.

According to the company, the new development has resulted in good results in 65,000 dental treatments performed across Europe, with primary and small holes clogged by daily use of the special gel.

In the United States, 10,000 similar treatments have been performed resulting in an 88% success rate. At first glance, this product supersedes the traditional treatment of injection, drilling and filling. However, the safest way to diagnose cavities is still to be checked by a dentist.

How doe the gel work?

"The gel is based on a technology that completely restores the tooth," Haley said. "Daily application helps to create a completely renewed protective layer and coats the enamel after years of damage."

Already after a week, patients will feel that the tooth is regenerating, the coating will condense and the feeling will be smooth and fresh.

Dr. Haley Aviardi

"Regular use will cause the tooth coating to whiten considerably, as the substance removes the acids we’ve absorbed from drinking, eating and smoking," she said.

A "global revolution" 

"This is a global revolution that infuses the small spaces in the tooth with essential substances such as calcium and phosphate, an excellent and fast home care model that will significantly reduce the need for dental care in doctors' clinics."

The Sky Global Ventures fund, managed by Yaniv Lambaz, is registered for the import of the patent to Israel.

Lambaz stated: "The various products developed at vVARDIS by the Aviardi sisters are certified kosher and are suitable for the general Israeli public.

"The products are based on a unique formula with a global patent and are made from a quality, clean and vegan materials that don’t contain SLS parabens or hydrogen peroxide. They allow recycling and reuse of raw materials."