This forgotten microwave part needs urgent cleaning — here's how to do it

This microwave part may not be known to you, but it needs urgent cleaning Yes, microwaves have air vents, and yes, they get dirty very easily.

Microwave (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

We use our microwaves practically on a daily. Who doesn't want to reheat some leftovers from yesterday's takeaway? 

But it may not be the most hygienic thing if you don't clean the microwave properly.

A cleaning professional created a quick and easy cleaning hack video that went viral on TikTok in which she cleaned her microwave thoroughly in half an hour flat.

What's different about this video?

One part, in particular, stood out because you may not have thought about it earlier: the microwave's air vent. Many viewers were left surprised that this part even existed, let alone was detachable.

Popular cleaning TikTok, AKA CleanTok, user @anxietyscrubs said that people must "remember to clean the vent under the microwave."

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Throughout the video, she is seen removing the vent from under her microwave. She creates a little bath of hot water in the sink with dish soap and vinegar and lets the vent sit and soak in it for half an hour, after which she takes a dish brush and begins polishing it off.

The result is a vent filter that practically changed colors before and after cleaning, showing just how much food residue and other such remains stay jammed up in there regularly.