How many students are sick with coronavirus compared to population share?

While the rate of students infected with the coronavirus compared to the total amount of patients has declined in recent weeks, it has begun again to increase.

A masked student raises her hand on her first day back in school, November 1, 2020.  (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)
A masked student raises her hand on her first day back in school, November 1, 2020.
(photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)
The Education Ministry published on Monday the coronavirus morbidity data of the education system in Israel. Included in the data are kindergartners, special education students and regular school students. 
The number of total infected patients, including students in Israel has declined in recent weeks, in addition to the rate of children infected with the coronavirus in comparison to the total amount of coronavirus patients in Israel. In recent days however, the rate of children in the infected population has begun to increase again.
Slightly over three weeks ago on October 13, there were over 53,000 infected patients, of which 10,000 were students, or 18.8%. 
One week ago, on October 26, the total amount of infected patients had declined to just over 14,000, including 1,700 students, down to 12%. 
On November 2, just a day after students returned to school after the second lockdown, the total number of infected patients was over 9,800 while the number who were students was 1,315, equating to 13.4% of infected patients. Of the recent peak since the decline, the highest rate of infection among students occurred last Saturday October 30, when their rate relative to the general population was 14.5%.
The total number of kindergartners who were infected as of November 1, the first day of school, was 262 out of 592,000 in Israel. This means that they are 2.5% out of the total sick population of 10,490 that day, while the share of kindergartners relative to the overall population amounts to nearly 6.5%.
Of the 1,067,500 elementary school students in Israel, 516 were ill on that day. The rate of children infected with the coronavirus is therefore 5.3% of the total, while the share of all elementary students relative to the total population amounts to nearly 11.7%
Meanwhile, among the nearly 791,000 students attending post-elementary education, such as middle and high schools, 537 were found to be sick. This amounts to 5.5% of all coronavirus patients, while their share of the general population is 8.65%.
Additionally, the total number of special education students in Israel is 121,294. Of those, only 51 were infected with the coronavirus. This equates to 0.4% of the general population, in comparison to their general share which is 1.3%.
There are 294 kindergartens closed right due to coronavirus outbreaks, but only one school.