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Anti-vaxxer causes mass-infection in special needs kindergarten

An anti-vaxxer got infected with COVID-19 and sent her twins to their special needs kindergarten, sparking a mass-infection.

A special-needs child inspires her parents to spread love, acceptance

Eden was born premature in the 33rd week. By the time she was four months old, the young couple fought with their health medical organization to have her more closely supervised. Something was wrong.


Dog training for high school students in special education

Students in special education classes can enroll in a special dog training program for their high school diploma.


Israeli special-needs education tech unveiled in UN convention

The event focused on the use of technology in special-needs education during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Iyad al-Halak, who was killed by Border Police a few weeks ago.

Police officer indicted for death of special needs student Iyad al-Halak

The shooting of Iyad Halak led to criticism of the police, with then-prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitting it was a mistake.

Israel to hold concerts for people with autism, special needs

The instruments the orchestra features are as diverse as its members, including violins, guitars, percussion instruments, darbuka, pianos and singers.

Teachers' submissions for the "Classroom Look in Lockdown" project.

Israeli foundation to host panel at UN convention on disability rights

The Athena Foundation specializes in empowering teachers through advanced technology, and will be hosting an online event to discuss the use of technology for teaching students with disabilities.

Israeli special-needs karate champion wins gold

Idan Levi from Ramat Gan performed a kata, a karate form that resembles an elegant, yet powerful dance routine perfecting the movements of the martial art.

Special needs teenager drowns in Asi River in northern Israel

The girl arrived at the river as part of an activity arranged for a non-profit organization of special needs teenagers.

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